What I do as a software developer at Automattic

This past Sunday, an 18-year-old who intends on starting at UNT next Fall and majoring in Computer Science explained to me the difference between a computer scientist and a programmer. As he explained it, computer scientists are people who conceptualize software and programmers are the people who merely carry out the plan that the computer … Read more

Tired of Vagrant? Try Laravel Valet

I’m always interested in optimizing my dev environment, and after Thomas’s article about Laravel Valet, I’m going to be giving that a try for local WordPress development. I’ve used Vagrant for more than a year now and although it was crashing from time to time, I always managed to get it working again. Not last … Read more

The Principles of Design: Font Pairing

I find working with fonts to be one of the most difficult aspects of design. Line height, kerning, font pairing, and everything else is confusing to me. WordPress.com released an article today about font pairing with some great examples of font pairings. While the article is meant for WordPress.com users, the examples of paired fonts … Read more

What do programmers do?

One of my coworkers recently shared what I found to a great read about what programmers do. Here are some sections that I liked most: One method for maintaining stability is the maintenance programmer. The longevity of the program is therefore dependent on the capability, comprehension and intelligence of this person. But humans are not … Read more

Why should text files end with a newline?

Lately, one of my pet peeves is seeing files that aren’t terminated with a newline. It’s part of our coding standards for Calypso at Automattic and it’s configured into our editors. But, I never knew why until recently. If you’re curious yourself, check out this StackOverflow article. I assume everyone here is familiar with the adage … Read more

Scott Belsky on Crafting The First Mile of Product | Design.blog

The best (and most widely adopted) products are mostly accommodating with familiar patterns and rarely “retraining” with something that is entirely new. Only force new behaviors that power a unique value (think Snapchat opening to the Camera while competitive products opened to the feed, etc…). Source: Scott Belsky on Crafting The First Mile of Product … Read more

Misconceptions about software roles

I really liked this tweet that I came across earlier. Just because I am a software developer doesn’t mean that I should only write software. I can be active in supporting that software, testing others’ software, and providing input.