Design Doesn’t Scale

One of our designers shared this post today in Slack, and I found it very interesting. I specifically liked the part about GLUE, because it reminds me of how we component-ize on

And while I’m not a designer, I agree that components have helped with efficiency and consistency.

After the visual realignment, it soon became clear that the hardest part would be maintaining this new found consistency. So in 2014, we created Spotify’s Design Language System, GLUE (a Global Language for a Unified Experience), which documented our styles, components, and patterns, on a website that was accessible to everyone in the company.

For the first time we had a shared definition of our interfaces that we could use to coordinate its evolution. This not only encouraged consistency and increased efficiency, but also created a shared vocabulary between designers and developers, so that the label for a colour or type-style could be understood across design-specs and code.

Source: Design Doesn’t Scale. — Medium

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