I was recently figuring out how to use nvm, and one thing that stood out to me is that I needed to set the default version of node that I wanted to use when opening a new tab.

Because I was new to using nvm it took me a while to find the commands. So, if you happen to find this article while configuring nvm, hopefully you find this useful.

# Install the version that you would like 
nvm install 6.1.0

# Set 6.1.0 (or another version) as default
nvm alias default 6.1.0

Then you can open a new tab and if you run node -v, you should see v6.1.0 (or whichever version you set as the default.

Easy peasy, right? Hopefully this helps you if you’re having some issues!

7 thoughts on “Set default node version with NVM

  1. Thanks for sharing, I was having this same problem with nvm, and I didn’t even realize it! Does that make sense :p

    1. Makes sense to me πŸ˜€ I could totally see how someone would think that they just had to use nvm use 6.1.0 each time they opened a tab, because that’s what I did for a little bit. 😜

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