JavaScript Masterclass | JSConfUS 2013

This past Friday night, a coworker on Mercury, Enej Bajgoric, shared this video of Angelina Fabbro speaking at JSConfUS 2013. Based on the title of the video, I was certain that I would come away with a more advanced understanding of closures or some other JavaScript topic. But, I was pleasantly surprised that the video … Read more

Zombie Crawl 2014 Video

Jake VanDonge just released a compilation video from last year’s Zombie Crawl in Wichita Falls.

Here’s the status that he posted:

Get a bigger look of what our 5K is all about! Darkness, smoke bombs, zombies & more! Sign up at 10.25.2014 Huge thanks to Isaiah, Eric & Alex for helping me & Jeanette shoot video of the 5K last year! Killer job!