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  • Git checkout non-origin remote pull request

    I don’t often review pull requests that come from non-origin remotes. This is largely because Automattic tends to create pull requests in the root repository. So, when I reviewed a pull request from an open source contributor today, I found myself wandering if there was a simple way to checkout the pull request locally for […]

  • Prefilling Github Issues

    Earlier today, I created an internal “Call for testing” post where I essentially asked other Automatticians to break a piece of functionality that I intend to launch. To help with the testing process, I included a link to a pre-filled Github issue. For the most part, pre-filling the issue with a label, milestone, etc. was […]

  • How to Squash Commits with Git

    Part of my Git workflow at Automattic includes getting a pull request going as soon as possible. I find this workflow useful as I am learning the code base for the latest version of WordPress.com, which is completely different from any codebase I have touched before. Because of this, I try to commit often so […]

  • Github Two-Factor Authentication Failed For HTTPS

    About two months ago I first switched to GitHub’s two-factor authentication. Later that day, when I went to push for the first, I had an authentication error and my push failed. I didn’t want to mess with the configuration that day, so I decided to turn off two-factor authentication on GitHub. Another Go at Two-Factor […]

  • Remove Files from Git After Adding/Updating .Gitignore

    I recently inherited a project from a beginning developer. After inheriting the project I realized that, while the developer was using Git to source control the project, the developer had completely forgot to add a .gitignore. This meant that I now needed to add a .gitignore file as well as remove files from git that were […]