Automattic Grand Meetup Flash Talk 2016

Every year, at the Grand Meetup, each Automattician is required to give a presentation that is a maximum of 4 minutes long and the topic can be over anything. 

This year, I decided to give a short presentation over our family trip to Niagara Falls. But, since I only had 4 minutes, I was only able to cover Maid of the Mist and Cave of the Winds.

This year I pre-recorded my talk to avoid issues with embedded videos. I made one mistake in the video where I mentioned Ontario Falls instead of Bridal Veil Falls. 

All in all, it wasn’t too bad.

Heading to Whistler

The third day of the trip was our travel day from Bowen Island to Whistler Village. We spent the morning doing a bit of work, then took the ferry to meet up with some Automatticians from Seattle on their way to Whistler.

One of the most interesting parts of the day, besides the obvious catching up with ~500 coworkers, was when Michael Arestad, Stephane Daury, and Matt Mullenweg pulled up in their muddy Jeeps after driving almost coast-to-coast across Canada. 😱


First day in Vancouver

Miguel Lezama, Daniel Walmsley, and I came to Vancouver a couple of days early so that we could hang out with Enej Bajgoric and his family.

The day started off with Enej picking us all up at the airport to show us around the city.

One of the most interesting parts of the day was Miguel running into a couple of guys from Argentina (who he was able to identify by their accents). After a bit of chatting, the guys invited us over for some chimichurri. Turns out the guy is starting his own company and his Instagram username is Rochachurri.

After a few more stops to see the city and pick up some salmon and beer for the night, we took the ferry to Bowen Island.


Help me choose my Automattic Grand Meetup 2016 tattoo

Next week, ~500 Automatticians from around the world will descend upon Vancouver/Whistler to work and play for the week.

In 2014, at my first Automattic Grand Meetup, I got a tattoo with a bunch of awesome Automatticians.

I wasn’t able to get a tattoo last year because of some medicine I was taking, but this year, I’m excited to get another!

Seeing as how I’ll be getting another tattoo with coworkers, it’s only fitting that I get something WordPress-y. This year, I’m thinking of getting a Wapuu.

And to make it more fun, I thought I’d let others pick which tattoo I get. So, below, are four of my favorite Wapuu designs. I’ll leave this poll open throughout the weekend, and then I will get whichever Wapuu has the most votes tattooed on my arm.

Automattic GM 2015 Drone Footage

Since Automattic is a remote company, the Grand Meetup each year is a special event which gets all of us together in one spot. At each Grand Meetup, there is a team photo. But this year, we also got some drone footage that was taken while we were setting up for the team photo.

This last October, Automatticians descended upon Park City, Utah for a week full of work and festivities. Since it’s been a few months, here’s a link to the #a8cgm tag which has several photos.