Arizona Desert Midwinter Championship 2020

This past week, I traveled to Phoenix, Arizona to compete in the Arizona Desert Midwinter Championship. Here’s a bit of a teaser video and then you can continue reading the rest of the post if you’d like. 😄 Initially, my only interest in this match was for the service pistol and rimfire EIC matches that … Read more

Pistol Training 1-26-2020

Since 4-H rifle and pistol classes were today, and I was already going to conveniently be at the range to coach a few kids. I got to the range about 1.5 hours early to set the range up and get some practice in. To get the most out of the limited time I had before … Read more

Pistol Training 1-20-2020

With 3 pistol matches coming up in February, and having spent a majority of my time training in December on slow fire, I needed to get out to the range to focus on sustained fire. So, tonight, after work and dinner were done, I headed out to the range to focus on sustained fire. Rough … Read more

Camp Perry Pistol Week– 2019

I spent last week, July 8th-14th, at Camp Perry in Port Clinton, Ohio for the National Precision Pistol Championship. The Trip The trip was about a 17 hour drive to get from Wichita Falls, Tx to Port Clinton, Ohio. And with 4 people and all of our gear, you can imagine that the van we … Read more