Camp Perry Pistol Week– 2019

I spent last week, July 8th-14th, at Camp Perry in Port Clinton, Ohio for the National Precision Pistol Championship.

The Trip

The trip was about a 17 hour drive to get from Wichita Falls, Tx to Port Clinton, Ohio.

And with 4 people and all of our gear, you can imagine that the van we took was pretty packed! The picture below is with the two back seats folded down. ?

We left on Saturday the 6th, directly following the Don James Memorial match at Northwest Texas Field and Streams, stayed in St. Louis for the night, and then finished the trip on the 7th. On the way back, we left Port Clinton at about 7:15am and drove through until we got to Wichita Falls.

The Hut

While at Camp Perry for pistol week, the group of folks from Wichita Falls stayed in a hut. Huts cost $52 per night, have four beds, power outlets, and an air conditioner. Here’s a panorama picture of what our hut looked like from the front door.

And here’s a picture of what our hut looked like from the outside. Notice all of the mayflies on the building. ?


The match results for pistol week at Camp Perry can be found at the following links:

To summarize, I took third marksman for the NRA championship but did not receive any points or win for the CMP matches. All the same, it was a great week.


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