Pistol Training 1-26-2020

Since 4-H rifle and pistol classes were today, and I was already going to conveniently be at the range to coach a few kids. I got to the range about 1.5 hours early to set the range up and get some practice in.

To get the most out of the limited time I had before students and coaches started showing up, with my 45 calibre pistol, I did a few minutes of dry fire followed by about 80 shots of progressive training. For more about progressive training, see my last training post.

I had a bit of a rough time with the first 40 shots. But, I ended up with a solid target for my next 40 shots:

Some takeaways/thoughts that I had:

  • Many of my misses were low, which could be relaxing or jerking the trigger (which definitely happened several times)
  • After getting home and cleaning the pistol, including the trigger parts, the trigger was MUCH SMOOTHER. I should probably clean the trigger parts much more often, or find a way to keep them lubricated better
  • I often lost the front sight in the aiming black (with center hold). I’ve noticed that my white dot no longer shows on the front sight. I need to paint this back on.

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