Some pictures from WordCamp DFW

This past Saturday, I attended WordCamp DFW as a co-organizer. It was interesting to be a small part of the organizing team and to get an idea of how a WordCamp gets put together.

Since I had just been in Canada for 9 days, I took Hero along with me so we could hang out. He had quite a bit of fun at KidsCamp, which Brad Griffin led.

Some personal highlights were:

  • WP Engine brought breakfast burritos ❤️
  • The after party was a bit more kid friendly since it was at a bowling alley 
  • Hero was introduced to the WordPress community and had an amazing time with other kids


What I Learned When My Blog Post Went Viral

One of my coworkers, Dennis Hong, gave a presentation at WordCamp US about 4 things he learned after one of his blog posts went viral.

The thing that stuck out most to me was that his post went viral ~3 years after he initially posted it. ?

A few other issues that Dennis discusses are:

  • Hosting
  • Advertising
  • Plagiarism
  • Republishing

The presentation is under 10 minutes, and I’d highly recommend that you watch it. ?

WordCamp Philly 2015 Recap

I went to WordCamp Philly this past weekend and worked the Jetpack booth. While I didn’t get a chance to visit any presentations, I did get to meet several people.

Here are some pictures from Saturday.

Contributor Day

Sunday was contributor day, which saw a few dozen people get together to give back to the WordPress project.

It’s always great to be reminded of how many ways there are to contribute to the WordPress project.

I stuck to development, and decided that I would contribute by writing some tests. So, I joined a group of other developers and we worked on writing some tests for the dbDelta function.

Packing Light for WordCamp Philly

I tend to overpack for trips.

Hell, when I went to Rome last December, I took 2 carry ons and a rolling bag that was checked. After having to deal with all of that luggage while in Rome, I decided I’d never pack that much.

So, this last April when I went to San Diego for a team meetup, I only took two checked bags. This still ended up being a bit much since the bags were strapped and not rolling.

Tonight, as I packed for my 4-day trip to Philly tomorrow, I decided I’d try to take as little as possible.

It took a little bit of forethought, but I decided I’d only take the following:

  • 4 pairs of underwear
  • 4 shirts
  • 2 pairs of khaki shorts
  • Miscellaneous bathroom stuff
  • MacBook Pro
  • MacBook charger
  • Hotspot
  • Beats earbuds
  • iPhone and micro usb cords
  • Eye glasses
  • Notebook
  • Eye mask and earbuds
  • Wall adapter

I got all of the above into the bag below.

Perceived Speed and Optimization

I was lucky enough to speak at WordCamp Orlando last December.

My presentation, titled Perceived Speed and Optimization, discussed some examples of improving user experience through optimistic interfaces.

Looking back, I probably should’ve waited a few more months so that I could have come up with more examples and I could’ve talked more in-depth about the subject.

You’ll notice that my talk ends at about 12:30 and the video is over 27 minutes long. My presentation ended up being much quicker than I expected. I was so nervous during this presentation due to the size of the theater as well as the caliber of the audience.

I consider this presentation a learning experience and a push to prepare better next time.

For a better explanation of optimistic interfaces see The Need for Speed: Optimistic Web Interfaces.