Saturday Afternoon at the Murder House

For the Mercury meetup, we ended up renting two separate houses in La Jolla.

One of them is very colorful while the other is made of redwood. We’ve been having our meetings in the redwood house which we’ve began to call the Murder house.

Halfway through the day today, we were starting to doze off and decided a half mile walk for coffee was a good idea. Here are some pictures from that.

Later in the evening before dinner, we had a guac-off where Kevin and Beau both made guacamole and we decided who made the best.

Mercury Roaming in Rome

One of the best perks that comes with working at Automattic is the opportunity to travel. Because every person in the company works remotely, the company pays to get us together 3-4 times a year.

I just got home from spending a week in Rome with my teammates, which include: Beau Lebens, Jennifer Dodd, Allen Snook, Kevin Conboy, and Oguz Kocer.

This was my first team meetup, so I wasn’t sure to expect. But, after everything was said and done, I was impressed with how much closer I felt to my teammates.

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