The Principles of Design: Font Pairing

I find working with fonts to be one of the most difficult aspects of design. Line height, kerning, font pairing, and everything else is confusing to me. released an article today about font pairing with some great examples of font pairings. While the article is meant for users, the examples of paired fonts make it a great read.

In the past, we’ve discussed some tips for choosing fonts. Today we’ll talk about how to navigate choosing more than one font for your site.

If you look closely at most websites (like The Daily Post), you’ll see that they’re often using more than one font. In most cases, that’s a stylistic choice. The site would probably function fine with just a single font, but the designer has chosen two to introduce a little more visual hierarchy to the typography.

Source: The Principles of Design: Font Pairing | The Daily Post

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