The year-long vacation

My team lead is out for a week or two. Before he left, he apparently set up a Slack bot that responds to pings with “ship it”. So, when I noticed that this morning, I had to troll him and get his permission to take a vacation for a whole year.

Pictures from Costa Rica

A couple of weeks ago, I went to Costa Rica for a team meetup where I would work on my last project as part of team Poseidon. I took my camera along and was able to get a few pictures which are below: I didn’t get as many pictures this time as in previous trips, … Read more

Luna and Design Meetup in Amsterdam

I spent the last week in Amsterdam with the JPOP Design team and Team Luna.

The week was packed with great conversations as well as a group project where we took a pass at implementing login via Calypso, and ended up with a functional example that we can continue to polish.

We also ended up having two town halls. One JPOP town hall and one company-wide town hall. So, it was a pretty busy week.

Enjoy the pictures.

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Jetpack 4.6: Google Analytics Integration, PHP 7.1 Compatibility, and Publicize Improvements

Jetpack 4.6 just dropped which includes: Google Analytics integration PHP 7.1 compatibility Publicize improvements Enhancements to shortcodes and widgets Check out the release post for more details or head to your dashboard to update! Google Analytics integration, PHP 7.1 compatibility, and improvements to Publicize. Source: Jetpack 4.6: Google Analytics Integration, PHP 7.1 Compatibility, and Publicize … Read more

Kauai – The Garden Island

Some of my coworkers recently went to Hawaii for a meetup. While there, Filipe Varela got some amazing video footage with his Dji Phantom 4 drone. I think it goes without saying that I’m a bit jealous of my coworkers that went on this trip. 🙂

High wind and snow? YOLO

On the 10th of of January, as we prepared to travel to Lake Tahoe, the following message was shown when checking the status of I-80 at this URL: I 80 [IN THE SAN FRANCISCO BAY AREA – SOLANO CO] A HIGH WIND ADVISORY IS IN EFFECT AT THE SAN FRANCISCO-OAKLAND BAY BRIDGE /IN SAN … Read more

What I do as a software developer at Automattic

This past Sunday, an 18-year-old who intends on starting at UNT next Fall and majoring in Computer Science explained to me the difference between a computer scientist and a programmer. As he explained it, computer scientists are people who conceptualize software and programmers are the people who merely carry out the plan that the computer … Read more