Jetpack Crew Meetup in Porto

In June, I flew to Porto, Portugal to join the Crew team on their meetup.

After nearly 2 years with Automattic not having meetups, it was great to see some old friends as well as meet several new people that we’d added in the past couple of years.

Near the beginning of the meetup, I was so jet lagged, that I took any chance I could to sleep. Which was basically every time we got in a car. Even when our van for the wine tour broke down and we were stuck on the side of the highway.

For our work time, we focused our time around a security workshop and talks such as start, stop, continue. As you can tell by the photos, there was also much time spent on social activities.

Near the end of our time together, Derek Smart and I announced to the team that I would be leaving the division to become Head of Web Engineering at and that Derek would become Development Lead at Jetpack.

We spent some time answering questions and then some time jokingly trying to pitch projects over the fence between divisions.

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