2016 Year Review – Automattic

If you’re interested in Automattic, a 510 employee company with employees that collectively speak 69 languages and live in 51 countries, we just published a review of 2016 for our company.

If you find the report interesting, why don’t you consider coming to work with us!

Howdy! We’re the people behind WordPress.com, WooCommerce, Jetpack, and a bunch of other products for WordPress. Take a scroll through our review of 2016.

We are passionate about making the web a better place. We don’t build software for free –– we build it for freedom. Our goal is to democratize publishing and commerce so that anyone with a story or idea can share it with the world regardless of income, gender, politics, language, or location.

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WordPress founder signs pledge not to build Muslim registry

Proud to work at Automattic.

I’m personally signing, and also speaking on behalf of the entire Automattic company, which makes WordPress.com, Jetpack, Simplenote, and WooCommerce.

Matt Mullenweg

Automattic, which owns WordPress and a number of other web development and publishing tools, has signed a pledge not to help build a Muslim registry. The company’s founder and CEO, entrepreneur Matt Mullenweg, signed the pledge on behalf of his entire company today.

— The Verge

Source: WordPress founder signs pledge not to build Muslim registry – The Verge

.blog Web Addresses Now Open for Everyone – Knock Knock WHOIS There

I was excited to snatch up binnion.blog today, and I should be able to use eric.blog in the next week or so. ????

If you’ve been having issues finding the perfect domain for your personal site, consider getting a .blog domain. General availability started today so anyone can get .blog domain names at regular prices.

We are excited to announce that .blog web addresses are now available! For individuals, businesses, or brands, this is the perfect time to get the name you want.

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With the US Election, a Landmark Week for WordPress.com VIP

The WordPress.com VIP recently posted about hosting FiveThirtyEight.com over election day (and the day after).

While I has hoping for more numbers, it’s still interesting to see that FiveThirtyEight.com was putting up the same numbers in a single day that some of the highest traffic sites we host put up over the period of a week.

There were mixed feelings on the VIP team last week, when a joke about one of our clients went viral.

Reports of obsessive refreshing of the US election predictions on Nate Silver’s FiveThirtyEight site, hosted on WordPress.com VIP, began to appear in late October. As Election Day got ever closer, things reached fever pitch.

Source: With the US Election, a Landmark Week for WordPress.com VIP – WordPress.com VIP

Why Automattic Said No to Silicon Valley

Matt Mullenweg, the CEO of my company, was recently interviewed by Fortune about why our company is distributed instead of headquartered in Silicon Valley.

I spend tons of time in New York and San Francisco, but it’s also nice to be outside of it and view everything going on from a little bit outside the bubble…We designed the company so that I can be just as effective wherever I have a laptop and wifi.

Source: Why Automattic Said No to Silicon Valley

Automattic Grand Meetup Flash Talk 2016

Every year, at the Grand Meetup, each Automattician is required to give a presentation that is a maximum of 4 minutes long and the topic can be over anything. 

This year, I decided to give a short presentation over our family trip to Niagara Falls. But, since I only had 4 minutes, I was only able to cover Maid of the Mist and Cave of the Winds.

This year I pre-recorded my talk to avoid issues with embedded videos. I made one mistake in the video where I mentioned Ontario Falls instead of Bridal Veil Falls. 

All in all, it wasn’t too bad.