Help me choose my Automattic Grand Meetup 2016 tattoo

2014 Grand Meetup Code is Poetry Tattoo

Next week, ~500 Automatticians from around the world will descend upon Vancouver/Whistler to work and play for the week.

In 2014, at my first Automattic Grand Meetup, I got a tattoo with a bunch of awesome Automatticians.

I wasn’t able to get a tattoo last year because of some medicine I was taking, but this year, I’m excited to get another!

Seeing as how I’ll be getting another tattoo with coworkers, it’s only fitting that I get something WordPress-y. This year, I’m thinking of getting a Wapuu.

And to make it more fun, I thought I’d let others pick which tattoo I get. So, below, are four of my favorite Wapuu designs. I’ll leave this poll open throughout the weekend, and then I will get whichever Wapuu has the most votes tattooed on my arm.

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    1. hehe. Thanks for that Diego, I didn’t know we had a Bowie Wapuu. ?

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