My first meetup in 2 years! Pura Vida

A few weeks ago, I traveled to Costa Rica for a meetup with our Backup, Scan, and Security Research teams. This was the first time that I had traveled for work in 2 years!

Over the past couple of years, I’d gotten comfortable with the idea of not traveling. It was relaxing to not be gone from home several weeks per year. This allowed me space to focus on other things like family and my shooting sports, even to a point where I won some things.

But, going to this meetup has reminded me of what I’ve been missing out on. It’s hard to simulate the impromptu, open, honest, and fun conversations that happen at meetups. Conversations that happen one-on-one as you sit around the pool, are walking to lunch, are at the dinner table, etc.

It’s also a very humbling and exciting experience as it reminds me how little I know and how much I have to learn.


Below are some photos from the trip. Most are from myself, though I did pull some from a Google Photos album that the team shared.

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