Wheel of Life in Google Sheets

I’ve been working with a career coach since last April. One of the very first things that my coach asked me to do was a wheel of life.

Except, when she assigned the task to me, she asked me to fill it out by modifying an image. This worked fine, but felt a bit weird to me.

Fast-forward several months to a point where I see a Google Sheet that looks very similarly to a wheel of life. So, I dug in a bit and found out that the chart is called a radar chart in Google Sheets.

Anticipating that I’ll need to do more of these wheel of life assignments in the future, I’ve now created a Google Sheet to make it a bit simpler. ?

A wheel of life chart and data.

The data for this is quite simple as it only requires the items to track and the values for those items. This data set then becomes the data range for the radar chart.

Setting the data range for the radar chart in Google Sheets

Now, the only thing left to do is to set the maximum value of the chart to 10. To do this, go to “Customize -> Vertical Axis” for the radar chart and then set the max value to 10.

Now, you’ve got a Wheel of Life in Google Sheets.

If you’d like to start from an existing Google Sheet, then here’s a publicly available wheel of life built with Google Sheets that has randomly generated values.

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  1. This is exactly what I was looking for today! Thanks for the share. Very much appreciated.

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