Notes from Camp Perry Advanced SAFS 2021

At the CMP National Matches this past month, I had the chance to attend the Advanced SAFS class that was put on the U.S. Army Marksmanship Unit (AMU). At the end of the class there was a panel that included Jim Henderson, Jon Shue, Sally Talbott, and a few others whose names I unfortunately do not remember.

The following are my raw notes:

  • AMU’s standards for pistols
    • 22lr – 1″ at 50 yards
    • 9mm – 1″ at 50 yards
    • 45acp – 2″ at 50 yards
      • This is the minimum standard. Realistically, they’re getting better results
  • Hammer forward, get grip
  • Grip around the pistol, getting as much friction as possible
  • Matches are just practice with paperwork
  • Sharks are born swimming
  • 15-20 minutes of dry fire daily
  • Dry fire line drills
    • With thumb, trace a line up and down on the wall
    • 5 minutes, 2x daily
    • 1 minute of movement and 30 seconds (break I assume)
    • This came from Jim Henderson and is a drill that was suggested to minimize tremors (from memory)
  • Not warming up is a mistake
    • At least move your arms around or something
    • This shows up in people that start off rocky and then get better
  • The tighter the grip, the tighter the wrist lock
  • Work on grip strength
    • Don’t forget to work on the extensors
  • An interesting exercise, that can be done anywhere is:
    • With your shooting hand, pretend that you’re gripping a pistol
    • Now, move only your trigger finger as if you were going to fire
    • Ensure that there is only movement in your trigger finger

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