2020 Cypress Air Pistol Fall Match

A couple of months ago, on November 7th, I attended an air pistol match in Cypress, Texas.

This was only my third ever air pistol match and the first match that I shot with my new air pistol, a MatchGuns MG1!


Probably the biggest takeaway that I had from this match was that I finally felt like I had my grip tuned in!

In the days leading up to the match, I spent some time adjusting the palm shelf, sanding down parts of the grip, and doing lots of dry firing. Adding more pressure to the near the back of my grip decreased wobble considerably.

The other part of grip that really seemed to help was consciously pointing my thumb forward as I was settling in to a shot in an effort to help lock my wrist.


I shot a 501/600 for the qualifying part of the match, which was a personal best for me. That score also qualified me for the finals.

You can find the results from the match in this Word document that Linda Libasci recently sent.

Alternatively, here is a photo with my personal results.


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