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After creating a new account today, and receiving an auto-generated password, I was reminded of just how difficult it is to change passwords on

Googling for an answer made me realize just how many other people had this same issue. I saw some suggestions that stated to click a View your profile link. But the thing is that the layout of is not uniform, so this View your profile link doesn’t show everywhere.

After some more looking, and a bit of searching, I found that the View your profile link can be found specifically on the Forums.

WordPress Forums

Notice that the View your profile is at the top right of this page. Or you can click this link which should take you directly to your profile.

How to Change a Password on

To change your password, simply follow these steps:

  1. Click the view your profile link
  2. Click edit on the right hand side of the pageWordPress Profile
  3. Change your password
  4. Save changes

Questions or Comments?

If I made a mistake or didn’t explain something well enough, please leave a comment and let me know. I’ll be glad to explain further and update the articles so others can benefit.

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