Jetpack 4.1: My first large contribution to Jetpack

While I have contributed to a few Jetpack releases in the past, Jetpack 4.1 is the first release where I have contributed a significant amount of work.

The past couple of months I have worked hard on refreshing the Single Sign On (SSO) module. SSO makes it as easy as clicking a button to log in to a self-hosted WordPress site!

It was a fun project because I got to touch several different code bases, including: Jetpack, the API, Calypso (JavaScript version of, and the PHP parts of Also, for each code base, unit tests were either created or updated.

Personally, this was an exciting release for me, but I’m stoked for the next two releases. We have some great UI and performance updates coming.

Check it out

Jetpack 4.1 dropped today. You can check out the release post for more information, or just head to your dashboard to update to the latest.

Jetpack 4.1 is here and it’s packed with performance improvements, new features, improvements to existing features, and bug fixes!

Source: Jetpack 4.1: Secure Sign On Improvements, Two New Sharing Buttons, and More — Jetpack for WordPress

Join our amazing team

While I did have the opportunity to write most of the SSO code for the release, the SSO refresh in 4.1 was only possible because of the amazing team we have.

  • Rick Banister and Michael Arestad provided mocks as well feedback on the UX and UI.
  • Brandon Kraft provided lots of feedback, pointed out old issues as well as conflicts with other plugins, and even created a core patch to add more actions to the login form.
  • Jeremy Herve did a ton of work getting the release ready.
  • The entire division participated in pre-release testing.
  • My team reviewed my code and listened to my complaining.

If you’re interested in joining our team, we’re always hiring.

JPOP division at 2015 Grand Meetup in Park City.

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  1. Man, you rock. Your work and work dynamics are truly inspirational for me

    1. Thanks! I appreciate that! :hug:

  2. I am very glad I have the opportunity to work on the same team as you, Thanks!

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