This past week, I created a new test site so that I could test Jetpack 4.1. As part of the process, I wanted to create some filler content, so I did a quick search and came across a post that describes how to generate WordPress filler content from the Bacon Ipsum API.

I love BBQ, as do many Texans and Automatticians. So, this post naturally caught my attention. And after a conversation I had at php[tek] with a coworker, Timmy Crawford, about how he is always integrating food into tests, I had to take this for a test drive.

The post’s instructions worked great and it was nice to have some interesting, and “meaty”, filler content.

If you also find this interesting, check the post out! 😀

Using the WordPress command-line interface and the Bacon Ipsum API, you can bulk generate posts for a new WordPress install.

Source: Bulk generating WordPress posts with filler content using WP-CLI and the Bacon Ipsum API – Bacon Ipsum

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