Regex Learnup from the Back of a Car

This past Thursday, one of my coworkers at Automattic gave a regex presentation from the back of a rental car. At one point, a nearby car’s alarm went off and everyone on the presentation heard the siren.

I was so amused by this, that I had to take a screenshot. In the picture, you’ll notice a headrest to the left of Dennis Snell’s face.

I wanted to share the screenshot because I felt it captured a bit of what the culture at Automattic is like. In a company where employees are allowed to work when and where they want, there’s bound to be a few moments like this. And while this is the first time I’ve been on a video call with someone in the back of a car, it is not the first time one of my coworkers has been in an interesting location.

If you find this exciting, why don’t you come work with us?

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