Modernizing The WordPress Toolbox – Aaron Jorbin

Aaron Jorbin, WordPress committer and developer at Condè Nast, recently spoke at PHP UK Conference 2015 about Modernizing the WordPress toolbox.

While I am a WordPress core contributor, I was not aware of all of the steps that went into updating the WordPress contribution and build process over the past few years. It was interesting to get that information from Aaron in this video.

One of my favorite sections was at 37:54 when Aaron Jorbin says:

It’s important to learn from yourself. If you are a solo developer on a project, you might think, “Well, this experience works for me.” But, you have to ask yourself, “Does it really work for you?”

Take a look at your bash history. How many times are you repeating the same commands over and over again. That you’re doing 3 steps in sequence every day, multiple times a day. If you’re doing that, you should automate it. You should not have to do three steps in a row to complete a task. You should be able to do just one.

— Aaron Jorbin

Also, Aaron mentioned theme days for his personal projects. at about 39:06.

Every Monday Aaron tries to add in new metrics or find a new way to analyze metrics.

Every Tuesday Aaron focuses on tools; focusing on making it easier to write code.

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