Print PHP Stack Trace

I was having a bit of trouble tracking down exactly where a method was getting called from today.

Usually a search in my project directory will turn up the result very quickly, but I wasn’t having luck with PHPStorm for some reason.

So, the next best thing was to get a stack trace so that I could get the last few functions that had been run. I don’t do stack traces much in PHP, so I had to track down the code to use.

Of the few options to use, this seemed to be the easiest to use and remember.

$e = new Exception;

// Output the stack trace to the browser
echo $e->getTraceAsString();

// Send stack trace to error log
error_log( $e->getTraceAsString() );

And if you’re wanting more verbose output, including the arguments that were passed to each function, try this.

$e = new \Exception;

// Recursively print the stack trace
print_r( $e->getTrace() );

// Log the stack trace object
error_log( print_r( $e->getTrace(), true ) );

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