Do Yourself a Favor, Turn On Chrome's Warn Before Quitting

Chrome warn before quitting

As a developer, keyboard shortcuts are a necessary part of life. And as a web developer, I use several shortcuts within Chrome as well:

  • ? + t: new tab
  • ? + ^ + i: open developer tools
  • ? + shift + {: shift one tab to the left
  • ? + shift + }: shift one tab to the right
  • ? + w: close current tab
  • ? + q: quit Chrome

And if you’ve used the above shortcuts for any period of time, you’ve likely accidentally quit Chrome when you meant to close the current tab. :facepalm:

This used to happen for me at least once a week… until I found Chrome’s Warn Before Quitting option.

Chrome warn before quitting

This obscure gem can be found under the Chrome menu. When enabled, you will need to hold ? + q to quit Chrome.

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  2. Man, this is really useful! Thank you for posting this 😀

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