My Boss is a Badass

Beau Lebens the Badass

Beau Lebens the Badass

As I flew to WordCamp NYC this weekend, I decided that I would re-read Year Without Pants and see what I took from the book now that I actually work at Automattic.

First thing I took away… It’s very surreal to read about your company and/or your experiences in a published book.

Second thing I took away… My team lead is a badass. Seriously, how many developers can you name that have been in a published book, know Krav Maga (or some other martial arts or self-defense), and been through survival training??

Off of the top of my head, none.

On a side note: If you’re interested in working at Automattic or interested in how distributed companies such as Automattic work, give Year Without Pants a read!

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