After recently trying to post an animated GIF in a WordPress post, I was disappointed after saving the post and seeing that the image wasn’t animating.

Figuring that I did something wrong, I checked that the animated GIF worked on my computer and re-uploaded the image, but the animated GIF still did not work.

The issue was that I was using a cropped version of the meme that I uploaded. I assume that in the process of resizing the meme that the frames in the animated GIF were also stripped. This made the animated GIF just a regular image. and it didn’t matter how many times I re-uploaded the animated GIF, as long as I used any other size than the original, the animated GIF would not work.

How Do You Fix It?

The simple fix is to be sure to include the full size of the image after you click the add media button in the editor. Below is screenshot with an example.

Full Size Image

Notice the red line at the bottom right of the editor. This is where you select the size — Be sure to choose “Full Size”. This ensures that WordPress uses the original image that you uploaded.

Questions, Comment, Corrections?

If you have any questions or feel I didn’t explain something well enough, please a comment below.

26 thoughts on “Animated GIF Not Working in WordPress?

  1. I have the same problem. I’ve uploaded gifs as “featured image”. On the homepage, half of them animate, the other half does not. I don’t know why, or what I’ve done differently to cause this. However when you click on the “Featured image” you go to the post and the gif does animates there.

    I can’t find the options you are referring to in your post, it does not show the same options to me when I’m in my library. Are using a plugin?

    1. Hi Cynthia,

      With featured images, I don’t think it’ll be as easy of a work around. The reason why is that your theme has set what size the image needs to be. So, while you set the featured image, your theme can decide what size thumbnail it needs for different parts of your theme. This would have been coded into the theme.

      You could perhaps create a child theme, and change any references of the_post_thumbnail() to the_post_thumbnail( 'full' ). Then, in CSS, make sure the featured image is the size you need. This is untested, but it’s what I would do if I needed animated gifs as featured images.

      Hopefully that helps. Best of luck!

  2. Thank you so much for this explanation! I had just migrated from one WordPress blog to another and all my gifs broke. Only after I read your post did I realize that changing the size of the image rendered it immobile. Problem fixed! Thanks again.

  3. After researching many web pages and sites, I’m unable to resolve an issue I’m having attempting to load an animated GIF to my WordPress web page. I’ve followed every obvious, and not-so-obvious recommendation I can find with no resolution. My inserted file displays off-kilter to the right side of the page when viewing the site in normal mode. Have confirmed the “full-size” option, tried f/l, f/r, centered, and none for alignments….etc. Anybody discover a fix for this?

    1. Does it only happen with animated GIF images? If that’s the case, then off of the top of my head, I am not sure why the GIFs would be aligned improperly.

      But, if it’s all images, I would assumed that whatever theme you’re using isn’t providing styles for the generated classes. For example, there need to be styles for a img.alignleft, etc.

      You can find more about that here in the “WordPress Generated Classes” section here:

  4. Thanks for the response Eric. Until recently, we’ve used only images (static and within sliders). We’re using a template which doesn’t require any coding at our end—just populating column formats:
    The GIF size is approx. 4M in size, which I had thought was within parameters. Can not get this to align within the placeholder like the rest of the site. Has anyone else experienced this anomaly?

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