Looking for an Internship?

I’ve been looking at the possibility of getting an internship this summer, and in the process I have built up a large list of possibilities. I decided I would try to compile some of these so other Computer Science majors may find it easier to land an internship this summer.

*Note – Many of these are big companies and/or well-known startups. Get your resume and/or website in shape before you consider applying. I also recommend building up several of the following.

Recommend Social Websites

  1. Twitter – Forget Facebook. If you’re looking to build social connections, Twitter is the way to go since most tech people use it to conversate. Twitter is also the way I got my job.
  2. Github – Github is quickly becoming the way to get noticed online for programmers. Sure, maybe you don’t have any good ideas that you want to publish. Well, in that case, find something you love, fork it, and contribute. No excuses. Looking for something to fork? Check out my latest project.
  3. LinkedIn – I love LinkedIn because it acts as a central place to put all of my work history and certifications for others to see.
  4. Stack Overflow – As most of you probably know, Stack Overflow is a great place to get your coding questions answered. As a matter of fact, I got my implementation of the Haversine formula from there! But, if you decide to start answering questions, you can build ‘reputation’ that looks good to potential employers. This is one thing that Jorin mentioned.
  5. CoderbitsCoderbits is a great way to show potential employers a snapshot of your programming skills. It creates graphs and gives you badges for certain achievements, essentially gamifying the process of learning to develop.

The List of Internships

  1. Made In New York – List of ~500 Internet companies based in NYC. Many are hiring.
  2. Google
  3. Amazon
  4. Yahoo
  5. Microsoft
  6. Southwest Airlines
  7. CGI

Want to Add to this List?

If you know of an internship for Computer Science students, feel free to leave a comment below and I will add it to the list. If you’re an employer and have some advice programmers, please contact me or leave a comment with your input.

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