Fireworks pictures

Turns out, my step-dad came into a pile of fireworks, which we set off last night. Out of quite a few shots, I was able to get a few that I liked (at least after tinkering with them in Lightroom ).


We went by Uncle Kevin and Aunt Steph’s to take pictures last night. While there, I got a picture of one of their cats on top of a truck.

Pictures from Paris and London

Saint Chapelle in Paris

From the 11th to the 23rd, Sara and I were in Paris and London. The first 6 days or so were for me to work a conference and cowork, then Sara and I stayed for time for just the two of us. For this trip, I didn’t take nearly as many pictures as usual. I’m … Read more

A Year of Google Maps & Apple Maps

I came across a really great article that compares changes in Google Maps and Apple Maps over a year. It’s really great to see how much Google is experimenting and improving their product. Similar to how a software engineer refactors their code before expanding it, Google has repeatedly refactored the styling of its map as … Read more

Pictures from Costa Rica

A couple of weeks ago, I went to Costa Rica for a team meetup where I would work on my last project as part of team Poseidon. I took my camera along and was able to get a few pictures which are below: I didn’t get as many pictures this time as in previous trips, … Read more

My buddy, Miles

I got this picture last week when we got the family (and Miles) together and went to Bill’s Fish House. It also happened to Miles’ birthday, so I made sure to get a picture of him.