Canton McKinley Regional 2021

After having several people tell me that, if they had to choose between either Canton McKinley’s regional or the National Matches at Camp Perry, they’d pick the Canton McKinley regional, I was intrigued. So, when the time, came I was sure to sign up. Community In talking to people that recommended the Canton McKinley regional … Read more

Notes from Camp Perry Advanced SAFS 2021

At the CMP National Matches this past month, I had the chance to attend the Advanced SAFS class that was put on the U.S. Army Marksmanship Unit (AMU). At the end of the class there was a panel that included Jim Henderson, Jon Shue, Sally Talbott, and a few others whose names I unfortunately do … Read more

2021 Desert Midwinter Championship

Earlier this month, I drove to Phoenix, Arizona for the Desert Midwinter match at the Phoenix Rod and Gun Club. This is the second year that I’ve competed at the Desert Midwinter Championship and it was perhaps my favorite year so far. Perhaps the fact that I was able to skip nearly all of the … Read more

2020 Cypress Air Pistol Fall Match

A couple of months ago, on November 7th, I attended an air pistol match in Cypress, Texas. This was only my third ever air pistol match and the first match that I shot with my new air pistol, a MatchGuns MG1! Takeaways Probably the biggest takeaway that I had from this match was that I … Read more

Building a backyard air pistol range

I bought a MatchGuns MG1 air pistol at the Arizona Desert Midwinter championship earlier this year. But, until recently, I had not taken advantage of this pistol. Primarily because I didn’t feel like I had a good setup in the backyard. For example, here’s a photo of my backyard from a period where we were … Read more

Removing sagging phone lines from house

Several months ago, after we removed an old gazebo from our yard, I began noticing a sagging line. I was able to ignore it for a while. But, after completing some recent work in the yard, I just couldn’t ignore it any more. 😄 The breaking point was me being able to touch the wire … Read more

Recording completed tasks with Alfred

At Automattic, many teams have a process where they post weekly, or biweekly, updates. One of the things that I’ve often found difficult, as I write my personal update, is remembering all of the little things that I did for the past week. Sure, since I work on the computer, there’s usually some paper trail … Read more

Arizona Desert Midwinter Championship 2020

This past week, I traveled to Phoenix, Arizona to compete in the Arizona Desert Midwinter Championship. Here’s a bit of a teaser video and then you can continue reading the rest of the post if you’d like. 😄 Initially, my only interest in this match was for the service pistol and rimfire EIC matches that … Read more

Pistol Training 1-26-2020

Since 4-H rifle and pistol classes were today, and I was already going to conveniently be at the range to coach a few kids. I got to the range about 1.5 hours early to set the range up and get some practice in. To get the most out of the limited time I had before … Read more

Pistol Training 1-20-2020

With 3 pistol matches coming up in February, and having spent a majority of my time training in December on slow fire, I needed to get out to the range to focus on sustained fire. So, tonight, after work and dinner were done, I headed out to the range to focus on sustained fire. Rough … Read more

Simple age shortcode for WordPress

As I was updating the about page on this blog today, I decided that I wanted to make my age in the following string dynamic: “I am a 31-year-old Texan”. After considering options, creating a shortcode seemed like a simple enough route. Here’s the code that I came up with: Then, in my about page, … Read more