Canton McKinley Regional 2021

After having several people tell me that, if they had to choose between either Canton McKinley’s regional or the National Matches at Camp Perry, they’d pick the Canton McKinley regional, I was intrigued. So, when the time, came I was sure to sign up.


In talking to people that recommended the Canton McKinley regional so highly, their reason always came down to community, a significant amount of the bullseye community comes to the Canton McKinley regional. Here is a shot from the firing line.

While the competitive shooting community is general welcoming regardless of where I’ve shot, what I think Canton gets right is the several opportunities to gather for meals.

The first night was a cook-your-own steak night. Each shooter is given a steak which they then cook on the many grills that are on the patio outside. I wasn’t confident in my steak grilling capabilities, so I let Roger cook mine and Destiny’s steaks. ?This was a lot of fun.

The next night, we had BBQ that was cooked and served by the ORPA junior pistol team. The last night was a kielbasa grill, along with a stocked Budweiser truck. ?

Tuning for Camp Perry

Shortly after showing up to the Canton McKinley regional, I was pleasantly surprised to see that the firing points were uncovered. This was a welcome sight to me since it allowed me the ability to test my iron sight zero, ensure that I had the right equipment, etc. before then heading to Camp Perry.

Of note, we got rained on quite a bit on the last day at the regional. This sucked. But, I just kept telling myself, “I’ve never done this! This is good practice for Perry! This is fun!”.


The full results for the matches that I shot are below. In summary, I took second sharpshooter and EIC points for both service pistol and rimfire pistol.

Other Photos

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