Removing sagging phone lines from house

Several months ago, after we removed an old gazebo from our yard, I began noticing a sagging line. I was able to ignore it for a while. But, after completing some recent work in the yard, I just couldn’t ignore it any more. ?

The breaking point was me being able to touch the wire with my head. Not knowing what kind of line this was, I went out to the pole to see what I could find out. This worked out well for me since I was able to trace the line back to this enclosure.

You may not be able to read that sticker, but the important part is that it says Southwestern Bell Telephone, so I immediately knew this was a telephone wire. Since we don’t even use a landline in the house, I began my search to figure out how I could get this line removed.

It didn’t take long to figure out that Southwestern Bell and ATT merged at some point and that I’d need to contact ATT to get the telephone line handled. But, what I wasn’t prepared for was how much of a pain in the ass this would be. I ended up calling ATT multiple times and getting passed through various departments, each time being told that they couldn’t help me because I wasn’t an ATT customer.

After a few failed attempts, over a couple of hours, I finally gave up and messaged ATT on Facebook. I kid you not, within TEN minutes, a customer service representative replied from ATT, giving me a link to instructions for getting the line fixed.

I’ll share the link here in case anyone finds their way to this post in a similar situation. ?

After following the instructions on the link, a technician was able to come out the same day and remove the unused telephone lines from my house!

6 responses to “Removing sagging phone lines from house”

  1. I googled this same issue and your post came up! Thanks for including the link, I got my problem taken care of much faster than I thought I would!

  2. Great advice! Thanks this was helpful, though not for Colorado. But it got me pointed in the correct direction so thank you.

    1. What did you do in CO? I’m a Lakewood resident looking at removing mine.

  3. This was SO helpful today! Thank you for posting the link!

  4. Worked for me! Thanks for posting.

  5. So I can get a hold.of at&t the same way in Illinois? That’s great!

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