Fawn Qiu: Easy DIY projects for kid engineers

If you’re interested in teaching others problem-solving and engineering skills, Fawn Qiu has 3 guiding principles for creating projects:

  • Low floor: Having a low barrier to entry.
    • Is the project affordable? Are materials readily available?
  • High ceiling: Can the project be modified later to teach other lessons?
    • Ex. (mine) – The first project could be a bear that talks when squeezed, and then could be modified to be a bear that uses the Alexa voice API to respond to commands.
  • Customization: Can the project be made unique for any one person?
    • Ex. (mine) – A student could use a bear or any other animal. A student could also change the commands that the stuff animal responds to.

See Fawn’s presentation for more examples and more explanation.

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