How Automattic Manages an Open Vacation Policy

I’ve been at Automattic just over two years, and each year, I’ve taken 4-5 weeks of vacation. I typically take 2 weeks in the summer and 2 weeks around Christmas. Then, there’s always a few other days I take off here and there.

I don’t need months of notice. I simply go to our internal AFK (“away from keyboard”) site and log that I’ll be out for some period of time. It’s interesting working at Automattic where I am judged based on what I contribute, not on how much I work.

If you’re interested in learning more about Automattic’s open vacation policy, check out Culture Amp’s post, featuring Lori McLeese (Automattic’s HR lead).

Lori McLeese has been the HR Lead at Automattic for the past five years working to make sure that Automatticians are set up to succeed. As a Human Resources expert, McLeese shares her wisdom on a popular topic affecting companies today – vacation policies.

Source: How Automattic Manages an Open Vacation Policy

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