How to make 1Password work with American Airlines Advantage Program

The American Airlines website is one of the few websites I’ve run into that doesn’t work with 1Password. So, this past week, I finally had enough and decided I’d figure out how to get the two to play nice together.

The Problem

The issue, as far as I could tell, is that the American Airlines advantage program site uses three fields for login. And, at least for me, 1Password was only filling in the password field for the site. This meant my member AAdvantage # and last name weren’t getting filled. No worries – Google is our friend.

After a bit of searching, I found this:

Turns out that 1Password is pretty robust and we can fine tune it to work with special cases such as this.

The solution

What I ended up doing is creating a new login item from scratch. After looking at the form’s source code, there are four fields that we can use:

  • login
  • password
  • lastName
  • rememberMe

We can enter the login and password details at the top of the login item in the username and password fields. And for the website, I used:

Now, near the bottom of the form, there’s a button that says, “Show web form details”. Click that so we can finish fixing the form.

This is where we’ll want to customize the form is entered. After some tinkering, I was able to get the American Airlines advantage form working with 1Password by setting the form fields like this:


If you’re not sure how to modify these fields, you can reference the custom fields documentation for 1Password.

Now that you’ve got that set, reload the page and try to login!

Still not working

Yea, I had this issue too. For me, using 1Password to fill the form never worked, but copying and pasting the password from 1Password to the form always worked.

If you’re running into a similar issue, my guess is that it’s because your password is longer than 16 characters. The American Airlines advantage form has some silly validation that limits the password length to 16 characters.

AAdvantage max 16 length password
AAdvantage max 16 length password

My guess is the validation wasn’t being triggered when copying and pasting the password, but 1Password somehow triggered the validation.

I tested with a password less than 16 characters, and 1Password did properly fill the American Airlines advantage form then. So, if you’re willing to have a shorter password, that’s good news!

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