This past weekend I had the opportunity to travel to WordCamp NYC.

This was a great opportunity for several reasons because I was able to meet some of my coworkers for the first time and I was able to experience NYC.

I even made some people happy by fixing their WordPress issues at the Happiness Bar.

Meeting Automatticians

Because Automattic is a distributed company, and I just started three weeks ago, WordCamp NYC was the first time I had met many of my coworkers in person.

This was a real treat as Automattic is comprised of many interesting individuals.

Spencer Berry

Take Spencer Berry for example who can YoYo like a beast without while also holding a conversation.

I also had the pleasure of meeting many other Automatticians such as:

  • Kevin Conboy
  • Alx Block
  • Erica Varlese
  • Richard Spees
  • Mel Choyce
  • Konstantin Obenland
  • JR Tashjian

Experiencing NYC

I feel like the conference worked out pretty well where there was plenty of work, social time, and exploring. Not only did I have the chance to experience some great BBQ, chicken, and local pizza…

But, I was also able to see Times Square, the Statue of Liberty, and the 9/11 memorial.

Here are some various pictures from around NYC.

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