There’s nothing like…

I don’t know where it started, but Hero has a new habit of commenting “There’s nothing like {insert some object or activity here}”.

We went to get fried chicken for dinner the other day, and as is customary, we had rolls with honey. Hero commented, “there’s nothing like bread and honey.” 

bread and honey 

This past Sunday, we all went to Hastings to have some coffee and do a bit of (school)?work.

Hero has twisted his ankle earlier in the day while running. So, when we got to Hastings, we asked for a small bag of ice to put on his ankle.

Hero commented, “there’s nothing like putting my foot on the table with ice.”


Donut Dirt

Today was a rough morning for Hero.

Sara and I decided that we would go to church for the first time in years, so we aimed to get up at 9am today.

As I woke up Hero, he said to me, “but Dad, it’s holiday. You can’t wake me up!”

Throughout the morning, Hero cried several times for little things such as us not finding his undershirt and not being able to wear his Bumblebee belt.

But the best part of the morning happened as we were getting out of the car. As Sara opened the door, Hero said, “I’ve got donut dirt on my pants.”