WordCamp Austin 2014

I recently had the pleasure of speaking at WordCamp Austin 2014 with the topic “Improving Development Workflow with Grunt JS.” This was a great experience as I was able to meet many influential WordPress community members that I have looked up to over the past several years including Chris Lema, Shawn Hesketh, Jason Cohen, and … Read more

A Great Day at the Fort Worth Children's Museum

This past weekend we went to the Fort Worth Children’s Museum for a birthday celebration. While I initially gawked at the price to get into the museum, I was surprised by how much fun Hero and I both had.

There were so many exhibits that including everything from dinosaurs to neon colored rocks while under black light.

But, our most favorite attraction — by far — was this spinning ride.

Adding Featured Image in Genesis

I recently switched my site over to Genesis and the Sixteen Nine theme. While I am super impressed with the framework and the child theme, I was disappointed to see that featured images are not included on individual posts. Because Genesis has such a great community, after a quick search I found an article which … Read more

Mobile WordPress Navigation with a Select

Navigation is difficult enough in desktop view, but how does one deal with a potentially large navigation across multiple devices? It seems like the standard way to deal with mobile navigation is to set the navigation to display:none; and then toggle it with a hamburger icon. And while this is a fairly straight forward method, … Read more

Bootstrap Pager for WordPress

In the process of building Scarlett, a Bootstrap WordPress theme for small businesses and freelancers, I frequently ran into issues where I needed to modify default WordPress output to fit it into Bootstrap’s styles. One such instance was when I wanted to paginate the blog index of the Scarlett theme. Normally, you would use get_next_posts_link(); … Read more

Remove .sass-cache and node_modules from Sublime Text

I’ve recently been playing with Foundation, Sass, and Grunt. And while each of these are powerful tools in their own right, they are quick to clutter up a project. Grunt creates a node_modules directory while Sass creates a .sass-cache directory. But don’t worry, because lucky users of Sublime Text have a simple fix. Add .sass-cache … Read more

How to Add a WordPress AJAX Nonce

WordPress AJAX Nonce Call

Using AJAX on your WordPress website can greatly enhance the user experience on your website. But, like all things web, you should properly secure your AJAX functions. One of the easiest ways to begin to secure your AJAX functions is to use a WordPress AJAX nonce, which is just a way to verify that all … Read more

Looking for an Internship?

I’ve been looking at the possibility of getting an internship this summer, and in the process I have built up a large list of possibilities. I decided I would try to compile some of these so other Computer Science majors may find it easier to land an internship this summer. *Note – Many of these … Read more

Rsync Backup on Ubuntu Server

I work on some servers at my University. Recently our RAID server went out, which means that we could potentially lose all student and professor data across several of our servers. I was tasked with getting some sort of backup going from our main servers to a local backup server. After thinking about how to … Read more