How to download a gif from Giphy

Recently, when I was trying to download a gif file from Giphy, I noticed that when I went directly to the file, for example, that it was actually loading a web page instead of the gif file. Now, on this page, you could choose to alternative/right click on the image and then click “Save … Read more

‘Wire Cutters’, A Short Animated Film About Two Robots Mining on a Desolate Planet…

This is a super cute short animated film. If you’ve got a few minutes, it’s worth a watch. Wire Cutters is a fantastic short animated film, created by Minneapolis-based Jack Anderson, about two robots who run into each other while mining on a desolate planet and then fight over their min… Source: ‘Wire Cutters’, A … Read more

Alexa, start a new post called, “I’m blogging this with my voice.”

One of my coworkers recently created an Alexa skill that lets you check interact with your blog. Check out his original post for more information. I’ve written and published an Alexa skill that lets you check your blog notifications, moderate comments, and start new draft posts on your or Jetpack-enabled blog, all by speaking … Read more

Significant Digits For Wednesday, Dec. 14, 2016

Just after the victory at Standing Rock, about 176,000 gallons of crude oil are spilled.  176,000 gallonsA North Dakota oil pipeline ruptured and dumped more than 176,000 gallons of crude oil into Ash Coulee creek, which then spread the spill onto an unknown amount of U.S. Forest Service and private land. This incident happened just … Read more

Scott Belsky on Crafting The First Mile of Product |

The best (and most widely adopted) products are mostly accommodating with familiar patterns and rarely “retraining” with something that is entirely new. Only force new behaviors that power a unique value (think Snapchat opening to the Camera while competitive products opened to the feed, etc…). Source: Scott Belsky on Crafting The First Mile of Product … Read more

Cargo cult programming

A coworker, who is much more experienced and smarter than I, used the phrase “cargo-culted” the other day. Not knowing what the phrase meant, I decided that I’d look it up. The following is a definition from Wikipedia. Cargo cult programming is a style of computer programming characterized by the ritual inclusion of code or … Read more