Cadillac Ranch in Amarillo with the Kids

On our way to the Grand Canyon, and then Las Vegas, we stopped by Cadillac Ranch today to spray paint the cars and get some pictures. Both of the kids ended up with spray paint on them, of course. Also, we weren’t prepared for the weather, which was low 40s probably with lots of wind.

But, it was fun all the same, and I’d do it again.

Family Park Night

Tonight, we all went to Lake Wichita Park after dinner to climb the big hill and take some pictures.

The kids willingly participated and Sara smiled for a few. Sara was also patient enough to let me play with silhouette. ❤

Pictures from Henkels Got Hitched!

Last night, I took the kids to the wedding ceremony for one of Hero’s favorite teachers, Mrs. Elisa Henkel. I took along my camera to take a few pictures, because why not?

Well, I ended up taking more than a few. 😂

I shot with my Sony a6000 with a 35mm f/1.8 lens in aperture priority, and set the ISO to auto starting at 1600. This left me with a lot of noise to cleanup in Lightroom, but the high ISO was necessary since it was dark.

And since there was movement in the low light, I ended up shooting most of the night in mid continuous drive mode and prayed that a few would come out OK. 😉

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