Pictures from Paris and London

From the 11th to the 23rd, Sara and I were in Paris and London. The first 6 days or so were for me to work a conference and cowork, then Sara and I stayed for time for just the two of us.

For this trip, I didn’t take nearly as many pictures as usual. I’m not sure why. I really haven’t taken many pictures lately at all, which is kind of sad I suppose.

But, c’est la vie.

Here are several that I got from around Paris and London.

Dog Waltz show at This is Rock and Roll

My cousin is the drummer for Dog Waltz, and they played at 9th street studios tonight, so I tried to get some pictures.

I ended up using my prime 35mm lens since it could go to f/1.8 and my zoom only goes to f/4. A couple of them turned out OK, but many are soft or looked a bit off after playing with them. Low light sure is fun.