Zombie Crawl 2014 Video

Jake VanDonge just released a compilation video from last year’s Zombie Crawl in Wichita Falls.

Here’s the status that he posted:

Get a bigger look of what our 5K is all about! Darkness, smoke bombs, zombies & more! Sign up at http://getinfected.org 10.25.2014 Huge thanks to Isaiah, Eric & Alex for helping me & Jeanette shoot video of the 5K last year! Killer job!

Today my Daughter Would Have Turned One


In my family, I’m known to be cold and calculating at times. But last night, that all faded as I silently cried while my girlfriend lay beside me. After a few minutes, I reached out for the first time in a year and told Sara, “I miss Scarlett.” It All Happened Very Suddenly Last October … Read more

Mend Walk 2014

Sara, Hero, and I went to the MEND walk in Irving, Tx today. 

Here is a picture I took of Hero writing a letter to Scarlett, which he planned to attach to a balloon so it reached her in heaven.


My Son Had His First Fight Today…

Normally picking my son up from his karate classes/daycare is a fairly routine procedure. I walk in, tell him to put his shoes on, and then remind him to hurry up and put his shoes on for what seems like 5 minutes… But today, as soon as I walked in, I was told that I … Read more

WordCamp Austin 2014

I recently had the pleasure of speaking at WordCamp Austin 2014 with the topic “Improving Development Workflow with Grunt JS.” This was a great experience as I was able to meet many influential WordPress community members that I have looked up to over the past several years including Chris Lema, Shawn Hesketh, Jason Cohen, and … Read more

A Great Day at the Fort Worth Children's Museum

This past weekend we went to the Fort Worth Children’s Museum for a birthday celebration. While I initially gawked at the price to get into the museum, I was surprised by how much fun Hero and I both had.

There were so many exhibits that including everything from dinosaurs to neon colored rocks while under black light.

But, our most favorite attraction — by far — was this spinning ride.