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  • Family Trip to Beavers Bend

    This weekend, the family went to Beavers Bend State Park in Broken Bow, Oklahoma for some kayaking, hiking, and just hanging out in a cabin. Here are some photos from the trip.

  • Camping trip at Lake Bryan

    I went on a camping trip last weekend with some family and Troop 599. This was followed by the Texas A&M vs Auburn baseball game on Sunday for driving back home. On the second day of camping, the troop attended the Living History Weekend at Santa’s Wonderland, where we even saw a flamethrower in action.

  • White Sands National Park Trip

    As part of our Spring Break trip to New Mexico this week, my family stopped by White Sands National Park for some sand sledding. We bought sleds from the visitors center for $24.99. Note that I said buy, not rent. You can gift the sleds back to the visitors center when you’re done and they’ll […]

  • Sandia Peak Trip

    This week was Spring Break for our family. So, after I got back from Costa Rica, we packed up the truck and headed to New Mexico. On the first day we were in New Mexico, we took the Sandia Peak Tramway up to Sandia Peak and spent a couple of hours exploring. The Sandia Peak […]

  • Wheel of Life in Google Sheets

    I’ve been working with a career coach since last April. One of the very first things that my coach asked me to do was a wheel of life. Except, when she assigned the task to me, she asked me to fill it out by modifying an image. This worked fine, but felt a bit weird […]

  • Removing sagging phone lines from house

    Several months ago, after we removed an old gazebo from our yard, I began noticing a sagging line. I was able to ignore it for a while. But, after completing some recent work in the yard, I just couldn’t ignore it any more. πŸ˜„ The breaking point was me being able to touch the wire […]

  • Photos from the Hotter N Hell 100 – 2018

    I got the chance to go to the Hotter N Hell criteriums a week or so ago to take some pictures. The action is much faster than I’m used to working with, so I threw out a ton of photos that I took. πŸ™‚  Here are a few that I liked.

  • Kids’ first day of school 2018

  • Bison, Prairie Dogs, and Kids at the Wichita Mountains

    Not too long ago, I took the kids up to the Wichita Mountains for a day trip. We got up close and personal with some bison and prairie dogs while there, and I got a few pictures of that.

  • Bowen Island Retreat

    Last month, everyone in my company descended upon Whistler, BC, Canada for our annual company meetup. A few days before that meetup, I stayed at a coworker's house on Bowen Island. Here are a few pictures from that trip.

  • OKC Zoo Family Trip 2017

    My family went to the Oklahoma City Zoo this past Saturday. While there, I got some time to get some photos. For all of these, I used my Sony a6000 with a 55-200mm Sony lens and the Olympus 1.7x teleconverter.

  • 24 Hours of Driving for 2.5 Minutes

    Solar Eclipse in Crofton, KY 8-21-2017

    This past Sunday, I set out on an adventure to go see the total solar eclipse along with my kids and a friend, Scott Sutter. And while we had a successful trip, driving 24 hours over 2.5 days, we did hit a few speed bumps along the way. Plans cancelled You see, on August 10th, […]