It’s Stupid That My Actor Dad Is The One Who Has To Teach Us Not To Be Dumb

After media portrayed Richard Dreyfuss’ attendance at a Ted Cruz rally as support for Cruz, Harry Dreyfuss comes to the defense of his father and common sense.

It is not shocking that people mistake curiosity with support, but it is pathetic and it is tragic.

If we shame curiosity, our country will never stop being scarred by the battle lines we draw to ward off the loony toon republicans or the batshit democrats. Exalt curiosity. Exalt the ability to hold someone else’s belief in your mind for a moment. You might find we disagree on fewer points than you thought, or you might find that this other person is insane and I am the God of right and wrong. I think that sort of certainty is always insane, but arriving there after actually engaging with an opposing opinion is the closest you’ll ever come to being right.

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Learning to Code? Just Get Started

Career Foundry recently reached out to me to get a quote for an article they wrote named Learning To Code, A Web Developer’s Guide

My response for the article was:

Start small with a self-hosted WordPress site and then slowly break it and make it better. Large projects have a habit of becoming demoralizing. Small wins early on are crucial.

Sounds short and sweet, right? And that’s the point. It’s easy to get caught up in questions when setting out on a new path.


These questions often contribute to procrastination, and there’s even a phrase for thinking so much that an action or decision isn’t taken: analysis paralysis.

Interestingly, shortly after I started writing this article, I noticed a tweet from Amy Hoy about this subject.

Go Get Started

So, are you interested in learning to code? Great. Now go do something.

Our Director of Engineering on the New

I loved reading about WIRED’s recent work on their site.

Specifically, it was great reading about how WIRED merged 17 active WordPress installs into one and created a custom plugin for curating content:

The redesign gives us the third incarnation of our Curator application, which started years ago as a separate Groovy on Grails application maintained by a single Java developer. Curator once consumed articles from 35 different blogs for curation on our homepage. When we migrated our 17 active WordPress blogs into one WordPress install, we also rewrote Curator…

Our new and improved Curator is now a custom WordPress plugin—and it’s artificially intelligent! This allows our homepage and section landing pages to be both automated and curated at the same time.

Read the rest of the article on

Easily Crowdsource Photos of your Wedding

When my mom remarried a couple of years ago, she did something that I thought was really cool.

At the wedding ceremony, visitors were given disposable cameras so that they could take an active role in the wedding by helping to take pictures.

I thought this was a great idea for a couple of reasons:

  1. It was a cheap
  2. It would provide a greater amount of photos.

But, as I recall, not many people ended up using the cameras.

What Went Wrong?

I think the main issue is that disposable cameras are a big pain in the ass. Disposable cameras have to be manually wound for each shot, the button has to be pushed to charge the flash, and the packaging is a pain to open.

While the disposable cameras were a great idea, in hindsight, it makes sense that it didn’t turn out as well as we had hoped.

The Solution

Compare the process of taking pictures with disposable cameras to taking a picture with my iPhone where once I am in the camera app I can just keep tapping to take more pictures.

What if there were was a way to get pictures that your friends and family took without having to track them all down?

Well, there is such a thing. IFTT has a tool/recipe that will allow you to automagically save any images that your friends take at your wedding into a Dropbox folder!

IFTT: Instagram to Dropbox

Check the recipe out here:

Photo Credit: TarviRa | cc


I believe that crowdsourcing images for a wedding is a great idea, and can result in great candid shots.

That being said, I wouldn’t consider having a wedding without a professional photographer — And I would recommend that you hire a photographer as well.