Join Us in the Fight for Net Neutrality

July 12 is an Internet-wide day of action in support of Net Neutrality. If you share our love of the free and open Internet and want to join the fight to preserve it, please join in!

Please take a moment today to help by:

(1) sending a message of support to the FCC, which you can do by visiting and

(2) enabling the Fight for Net Neutrality Plugin on your WordPress site, to show your support and encourage others to take action, too. Instructions can be found on this article.

Source: Join Us in the Fight for Net Neutrality

Never Forget San Diego

At the Mercury meetup in San Diego, we found out that one of my coworkers is famous in Poland. Enej Bajgoric, a code wrangler at Automattic, was getting tons of Twitter followers for no reason.

When we investigated, we discovered that there was a popular band in Poland named Enej. 😂

Here is one of the videos that we found from the band. It’s pretty catchy, although the video may be a bit much.

Danielle Feinberg: The magic ingredient that brings Pixar movies to life

I loved this video where Danielle Feinberg discusses how Pixar goes about making immersive videos.

Here are a couple of quotes that I like.

Because in the end we are not trying to recreate the scientifically correct real world. We’re trying to create a believable world. One the audience can immerse themselves in, to experience the story. We use science to create something wonderful.

We use math, science, and code to create these amazing worlds. We use storytelling and art to bring them to life. It’s this interweaving of art and science that elevates the world to a place of wonder, a place with soul, a place we can believe in, a place where the things you imagine can become real. And a world where a girl suddenly realizes not only is she a scientist, but also an artist.

Fawn Qiu: Easy DIY projects for kid engineers

If you’re interested in teaching others problem-solving and engineering skills, Fawn Qiu has 3 guiding principles for creating projects:

  • Low floor: Having a low barrier to entry.
    • Is the project affordable? Are materials readily available?
  • High ceiling: Can the project be modified later to teach other lessons?
    • Ex. (mine) – The first project could be a bear that talks when squeezed, and then could be modified to be a bear that uses the Alexa voice API to respond to commands.
  • Customization: Can the project be made unique for any one person?
    • Ex. (mine) – A student could use a bear or any other animal. A student could also change the commands that the stuff animal responds to.

See Fawn’s presentation for more examples and more explanation.

Pictures from the Binnion wedding (part 1)

I’ve been sitting on some wedding pictures for the past couple of weeks. But, this seems like a great time to share the pictures with you so that I can also test the next release of Jetpack. 😉

All of these pictures are taken by Captured Moments by Kelly who we were very happy to work with. We also had another photographer and a videographer at the wedding, and I look forward to sharing media from them in the future.