Increase GoDaddy max_execution_time

I recently moved a couple of my sites from Dreamhost to GoDaddy’s managed WordPress hosting.

While one of the websites migrated perfectly fine, the other website had issues with the WordPress importer failing. :/

My best guess of what was happening is that the GoDaddy max_execution_time was set quite low, which was causing the importer to fail. I confirmed this by downloading the phpinfo plugin which showed the following:

GoDaddy max_execution_time before

Let’s Increase the GoDaddy max_execution_time

It took a bit for me to figure out how to increase the max_execution on GoDaddy’s managed WordPress hosting, but after quite a bit of search I found an article on GoDaddy’s support portal that describes where to put the PHP initialization files for the varying GoDaddy hosting products.

Easily enough, the PHP initialization file for GoDaddy’s managed WordPress hosting is located at html, which is the initial directory upon logging in to SFTP.

So, to increase GoDaddy max_execution_time, all I had to do was:

  • Open an SFTP connection
  • In the same directory as wp-config.php, create a .user.ini file. Note the leading .
  • Lastly, in this .user.ini file, I added the following:
max_execution_time = 180

The above will increase the GoDaddy max_execution_time to 3 minutes, which you can verify yourself by using the phpinfo plugin mentioned above.

GoDaddy ini After

Unfortunately for me, increasing the GoDaddy max_execution_time didn’t fix my issue of the WordPress importer failing. I ended up moving my site to WP Engine which worked like a charm.