So, You Want to Learn to Program?

An old friend of mine got in touch with me today and asked: Hey man… Best idea for beginning to learn programming? I was actually very excited when my friend reached out because, in my opinion, learning to program is something that can only enhance one’s possibility of advancement in many careers. But, Before You … Read more

Users Do the Damnedest Things

Tech User

QA Engineer walks into a bar. Orders a beer. Orders 0 beers. Orders 999999999 beers. Orders a lizard. Orders -1 beers. Orders a sfdeljknesv. — Bill Sempf (@sempf) September 23, 2014 I had a good laugh over this tweet yesterday when I read -1 beers. After all, who the hell orders negative beers? But as … Read more

Print PHP Stack Trace

I was having a bit of trouble tracking down exactly where a method was getting called from today. Usually a search in my project directory will turn up the result very quickly, but I wasn’t having luck with PHPStorm for some reason. So, the next best thing was to get a stack trace so that … Read more

Dogfood Your Products


Of all of the greatness at the Automattic grand meetup this year in Utah, one of the most impactful moments was Andrew Spittle’s call to do a better job of dogfooding our apps. For those who don’t know, dogfooding is the practice of using your own products. This goes a bit beyond simply testing products. … Read more

Get Most Visible Element on a Web Page

Recently, I was working on updating keyboard shortcuts for o2 and came across a unique shortcut. When pressing r, we wanted to open the reply box for the most visible post. When I first started thinking about this requirement, I found myself thinking: “How the hell can I determine what the most visible post is?” … Read more

Parse RSS in ExactTarget

I was recently tasked with migrating a few themes from Mailchimp to Exact Target. While the overall experience I had working with ExactTarget was much less than stellar, I most disliked working with RSS feeds. The whole process of parsing an RSS feed seemed awkward. So, in an effort to help others, and because I … Read more