Wichita Theatre in HDR

I’ve been wanting to try exposure bracketing for HDR ever since I got my new Sony a6000 this past weekend. After finding the tripod and figuring out how to remote trigger my camera via my iPhone, I went out tonight to try my luck at an HDR image of the Wichita Theatre in downtown Wichita Falls.

I’m pretty happy with how the picture turned out considering it was my first time to do HDR. I set the brackets to take 3 frames with 2 stops on either side and then combined the images in Lightroom when I got home.

The Wichita Theatre in Downtown Wichita Falls
The Wichita Theatre in Downtown Wichita Falls

The biggest personal critique I have of this image is that the street light starbursts seem overpowering. Perhaps I should have framed those out?

Do you have any critiques that you’d like to share? 🙂

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