Mapping my Instagram pictures

A few weeks ago, Beau Lebens updated the Keyring Social Importers plugin and also released a plugin called People & Places. I use these plugins to import all of my Instagram pictures and then to tag each Instagram picture.

Taking this foundation, I was able to easily create a plugin to map all of the places where I’ve taken Instagram pictures. You can see that code here:


Here are some rough steps to get this going.

Here’s an idea of what it’ll look like:

[places_map key=”AIzaSyBPGlbMUmhZ7EnCnT_d4MDpAnT0xbkA6SE” height=”600px”]

Thoughts on functionality

Currently, clicking the markers on the map takes you to the tag’s archive page. In the future, I’d like to modify the map so that it loads images via AJAX below the map.

In the future, I may also need to figure out how to handle many more locations. Currently, I only have 234 locations that I’m adding pins for. What happens when there are thousands? Hundreds of thousands?

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  1. Eugenio Remedi Avatar
    Eugenio Remedi

    Eric, greetings from Argentina!
    Could you help me with a project? I want people to share photos taken with their Instagram account and map them in Google Maps. It’s a non profit project about trash recollection and awareness for my city in Río Cuarto, Córdoba, Argentina.
    How could I achieve this?.
    Thank you for your time.

    1. Hi Eugenio,

      If I were to approach that project, I would consider something that imports Instagram pictures with a given hashtag. From there, you could then use something similar to what I have for mapping the pictures. Off of the top of my head though, I’m not aware of a solution that does this out of the box.

      1. Eugenio Remedi Avatar
        Eugenio Remedi

        Eric, thanks!! And how is it exactly that you map the images?, because I don’t find any geotag or anything in the photos…
        Thanks again for your time!

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